Our answers to your FAQ

Can I donate from outside of Germany?

Yes you can. We receive donations via Paypal, credit card or a direct transfer into our account. If you are not located in Germany, Sawabona Africa can not issue a tax certificate for your country.

South African donors can donate in South Africa. Please refer to the charity website.

Can I donate directly to the charity? 

Yes you are very welcome to donate directly to the charities we present.  

However if you donate through Sawabona Africa you will receive a german tax certificate

What happens to my donation and what charges are incurred?

Donations can be made towards specific projects or Sawabona Africa will select a project. We will transfer your donation to your charity of choice. Your full donation will be allocated to the project minus bank transfer costs. Sawabona Africa covers all its own administration costs through personal donations from the Board members.

Please refer to our overview of payment channels and bank charges

How can I be sure that my money goes directly to the project I support?

All charities are thoroughly vetted and we receive quarterly and annual financial reports from the charity. We endeavour to have a transparent working relationship with our partners.

Will I receive a Tax certificate ?

On request, Sawabona Africa issues an electronic tax certificate for all donations received in Germany. It is however not necessary to submit a tax certificate for donations under €200 to the German tax authorities. 

In Germany electronic tax certificates are valid.

Can I visit the charity I support ?

Yes you can.  Sawabona Africa will connect you with the partner charity in South Africa.

If you are a long term sponsor of a Bright Start child, it is also possible to meet up with the child you sponsor.

Can I volunteer at any of the partner organisations?

Some of partner organisations are happy to receive volunteer support. Please send us an email with your wish and Sawabona Africa will put you in touch. 

Sawabona Africa does not arrange or coordinate a volunteer programme.


Can I donate items e.g. toys or clothes and not money?

Sawabona Africa does not facilitate the donations of items for specific projects.  

We encourage you to support the projects via financial donations.


Will I receive a project report?

Yes for sure. Sawabona Africa will keep you updated on the progress of the particular projects that you donated to. You will also receive a completion report if you donated to a specific project.

Bright Start issues quarterly progress reports on children sponsored.