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Meet the team


Zilla Stekhoven

Board Member and founder of Sawabona Africa e.V.

A good education is the key to unlock the incredible potential of the talented children of Southern Africa.

It is wonderful to be part of this journey with Sawabona Africa e.V. and see the positive difference our contribution makes to the lives of children and their communities.


Claus Kaltner

Board Member and founding member of Sawabona Africa e.V.

The charities Sawabona Africa supports, have a huge impact on the education outcomes of all learners. The children have a chance to attend university and have sustainable careers. I am a proud supporter of Sawabona Africa and to help make a difference.

Heidi Schneider

Heidi Schneider

Board Member and founding member of Sawabona Africa e.V.

When Zilla told me about her plan to start a Charity to support education of children in southern Africa was immediately energized to help set up Sawabona Africa e.V.

With a small contribution of money and time we can make a difference for children in a country with one of the highest social inequalities in this world. Through Sawabona Africa we can open doors that would otherwise be locked for them.


Tania Primaditya

Volunteer for Bookkeeping

As someone who comes from a developing country myself, I am always motivated to take part in a program that helps other people, especially in education. When I first discovered Sawabona Africa e.V., I was so excited to join their mission and now I’m so happy to be a part of a team who has been supporting many children in South Africa through good education.


Coco van Zaandvoort

Volunteer for Social Media

Having visited South Africa a couple of times I have seen how big the inequality is, especially in terms of education amongst children. Since education is key for a successful future which every child deserves no matter where you come from, I am glad that we can make a difference in their lives and future with Sawabona Africa e.V.


Mahika Maggon

Volunteer for Strategy and Fundraising

I’ve been involved with initiatives towards education for the underprivileged from my early school days and have seen the impact it has on the child and his or her family, I firmly believe that education is a basic right every child must have and is key to unlock the potential of developing countries such as South Africa.


Ritwika Chattergee

Volunteer for Maths and Science projects

Education is the basic human right of every child in this world and a good education forms the pillar of a nation.

Having worked with organizations like HOPE and MAD in India, I have always felt it as a responsibility to contribute and give back to the society at large.

I am thrilled to be a volunteer for the Maths and Science project at Sawabona Africa and work towards a better future for the kids in South Africa.

meet the team abdallah

Abdallah El Bohoty

Volunteer for Google Analytics

I firmly believe that by leveraging our collective efforts and investing in education, we can create a meaningful and lasting impact in the world.

As I join Sawabona Africa e.V. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute towards this mission and I am hopeful that my actions will inspire positive change and make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Sophia Binder

Volunteer for Social Media

I started volunteering at Sawabona Africa e.V. because I wanted to support disadvantaged children in South Africa. 

I love Sawabona Africa’s mission and the amazing things they have achieved so far. I can’t wait to make a difference with this incredible charity.

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