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A small contribution – a large impact: Child Sponsorship in South Africa

In South Africa, a good school education usually depends on the financial means of the parents. Unfortunately, the colour of your skin and where you were born still largely determines which school a child attends. Bright Start not only provides poorer children with a good education through sponsorships, it also supports them in their overall long term development. In this blog you will learn more about the school situation in South Africa and how you can help a child receive a better education by sponsoring a child.

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Back to School in South Africa: School readiness gaps for children in South Africa

When I moved to Germany, I learnt about the ‘Schultüte’. This is a cone given to children when they start the first class filled with everything children need for school and loads of sweets. In South Africa, learners start their school year in January without a ‘Schultüte’. In this blog I explore the pressing issue of inadequate school readiness for the vast majority of South Africans.

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Falling in love with PYMA

Imagine going to school in a class that is overcrowded. Hungry. You have started school without the basic fine motor skills, or entry level language skills and you just can’t keep up. When you go home after school, you have nobody to help you with your homework, or your caregiver can not read. Your neighbourhood is rife with gangs, drugs, alcohol abuse, crime and high unemployment.

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Christmas in the southern Hemisphere

When I was young, I thought that everyone celebrated Christmas just like I did. Today I know this is not the case. In this blog I share how Christmas is celebrated in South Africa and how our beneficiaries celebrate Christmas and what do they wish for Christmas.

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