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Sawabona Africa and Uthando (Love)

Flying into Cape Town International Airport gives you the first glance of the breadth of experience, which awaits you. The pilots often give you an aerial view of the coastline and Table Mountain, and as you get closer to the airport you catch a glimpse of the massive townships almost backing onto the runway. This is where our partner charity Uthando (love) South Africa is making a meaningful contribution. Read this blog to find out more.

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On the Road in South Africa – A journey of impact

South Africa, a popular tourist destination. Breathtaking scenery, the famous winelands, Michelin quality dining at a small price, a beautiful friendly rainbow nation that welcomes tourists with open arms are just some of the reasons that people visit South Africa and keep coming back. I visit South Africa with a different purpose. Apart from visiting old friends and family, I now have new Sawabona Africa friends and partners who make my visit so memorable and full of joy and hope. Join me in this blog as I take you behind the tourist spots to meet some of our remarkable partner charities.

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A small contribution – a large impact: Child Sponsorship in South Africa

In South Africa, a good school education usually depends on the financial means of the parents. Unfortunately, the colour of your skin and where you were born still largely determines which school a child attends. Bright Start not only provides poorer children with a good education through sponsorships, it also supports them in their overall long term development. In this blog you will learn more about the school situation in South Africa and how you can help a child receive a better education by sponsoring a child.

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Back to School in South Africa: School readiness gaps for children in South Africa

When I moved to Germany, I learnt about the ‘Schultüte’. This is a cone given to children when they start the first class filled with everything children need for school and loads of sweets. In South Africa, learners start their school year in January without a ‘Schultüte’. In this blog I explore the pressing issue of inadequate school readiness for the vast majority of South Africans.

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