Bright Start

Empowerment through quality education

Bright Start Education and Mentorship Programme (Bright Start) was founded in 2008 to address the huge inequality in education. School learners require additional resources to reach their full potential.  Bright Start developed an Education Support Model to address the needs of the child outside the classroom to maximize the child’s educational opportunity. 

The programme includes the following:

Bright Start learners at school

Support to attend a quality fee-paying school on an equal footing

Bright Start mentors learners

Mentoring, facilitation and empowerment for children and parents

Sport, health and cultural enrichment programmes for children

What Bright Start offers

Our partnership with Bright Start

Together with Bright Start we help children become part of the Bright Start Programme and support them to sign up new child sponsors.  

How you can support Bright Start

Full sponsorship

Shared sponsorship

Donation to Bright Start

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