PYMA Tutor Sponsorship

Support a PYMA tutor

About the tutors

Tutors are students / alumni from PYMA seeking work experience and an opportunity to give back to children in their community. 

They volunteer their time except for a small stipend to cover transport and a few basics. 

Tutors provide lessons after school to all learners attending the academy.

PYMA tutors.

Cost of sponsorship: 

Monthly20 € (this supports their stipend and training costs)

Annual240 €

How it works

Step 1

Complete the application form to sponsor a tutor. 

Step 3

We will send you a profile of your tutor. 

Step 2

Please set up a regular payment from your bank account. 

Step 4

You will receive quarterly letters from your sponsored tutor.

Meet a few of the PYMA tutors

Neo Mokoena

Teaching Grade 1 to 3

Subjects: Mathematics and English

Nontyantyambo Gwabeni

Teaching Grade 6 and 7

Subjects: Mathematics

Tshupetso Tsela

Teaching Grade 4 and 5

Subjects: English


How long is the Sponsorship?

PYMA tutors are appointed at the beginnng of the school year for an entire calendar year.  We request you committ to a minimum of 1 year. Our preference is that you sign up for an ongoing commitment to supporting PYMA tutors

Can I cancel the sponsorship?

Yes. We kindly ask you to provide us 3 months’ notice.

What is the payment schedule?

Sponsorships can be paid, monthly or annually in advance.

Can I contact or meet the tutor I sponsor?

Yes. Please let us know and we coordinate this for you.

What does my sponsorship cover?

Your contribution covers their stipend and training costs.

May I sponsor more than one tutor?

Of course. Please indicate this on the sponsorship application form.